Our own private islet.

East Vancouver.

This weekend my sister and I rode our bikes to Iona Beach and walked out and out and out on sandy squelching low tide. It was a perfect spring day.

The view from St Marks yesterday.

East Van Alleys


And then this happened. (at St. Mark’s Summit)

Yeah it did.

Cox Beach, Tofino.

Some recent photos from my trip to Tofino on instagram.

How did you come up with secretcities?

It was mostly just the allure of being a small town kid recently transplanted to the city. It seemed like such a big place, so mysterious and unknowable. There were layers and layers to slowly uncover — the history of the place, the new built atop the old, the grimy alleys and rumours of forgotten tunnels beneath the gleaming towers, the myriad ways people approach and interact with their surroundings, the different cities that each person created and carried with them. There seemed to be an almost infinite variety of ways to know a place.

But I also simply liked the alliteration, the slithering/satisfying cadence, the way the words rubbed together.

29 years of casual living.

Taking the ferry to Vancouver Island.

Deep Cove, BC

The intimacy of the screen / The moments in between.

[ with adl2enaline ]

Rainy days and working from home. ( on instagram )